Mala, originating from Sichuan, China since 19th century. Mala has found fans among Malaysians, especially those who love a strong sensation to their foods. The tingling sensation of our signature Mala flavour, combined with the heat of the dish, creates an exhilarating and addictive experience that keeps Mala lover continuously craving for more. However, due to the challenge of serving Mala cuisine to the local Muslim community, our founder came up with the idea of creating a pork-free Mala hotpot brand that caters to all races in Malaysia.

After visiting Sichuan and Xinjiang back in 2021, China, our founder created SUPAMALA, a leading Mala hotpot brand in Malaysia that specializes in Mala flavours while maintaining Halal ingredients and processes. Our Mala Hotpot cuisine is strong and full-flavored, made from our own recipes. We’ve combined the latest trends in modern food with our culinary expertise to reimagine urban cuisine and we believe it will suit the taste buds of all Malaysians, regardless of race, gender, or age. Hot Pot For Everyone. Everyone can dine worry-free at SUPAMALA with friends and family in every town and city in Malaysia.