Wu Hou Fu Logo

The name Wu Hou Fu draws its inspiration from Zhuge Liang, a well-known statesman during the Three Kingdoms period. He is a rare figure in Chinese history with both talent and virtue. In order to commemorate this admirable individual, his descendants built a Wu Hou Shrine and made him a spiritual symbol of Chengdu.

Established in 2021, Wu Hou Fu is a local neighbourhood Sichuan hotpot brand created by Shu DaXia (M) Sdn Bhd that integrates the unique style of the Three Kingdoms culture. From a cosy ambience to classical oriental decor, diners will feel as if they have travelled back in time to the Three Kingdoms period to experience a delicious hotpot meal.

We at Wu Hou Fu take great pride in our delicate plating and premium ingredients which is sure to leave a memorable impression. For one of our signature dishes ‘Tian Xiang’ Marinated Pork Ribs, we select only the highest quality of pork ribs. It is then delicately marinated with our secret recipe transforming every morsel into bites of exquisite delightfulness.

Organ meat is expectational at Wu Hou Fu: the Fresh Duck Intestine is famous for its lively bite and lovely mouthfeel. Our Bamboo Shrimp Paste features both a spicy and non-spicy version of fresh bouncy juicy shrimp. Lastly, our must-order “Six Dish Platter” consists of all our best-sellers on one platter to complement other hotpot condiments.”

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