Shu Da Xia Hotpot Logo

Shu Da Xia is an authentic Sichuan hotpot hailing from Chengdu with a Wu-Xia inspired ambience. The fast-growing hotpot chain has more than 650 outlets throughout China and is expanding rapidly across Southeast Asia. As a leading hotpot brand, it strives to provide the ultimate hotpot experience for its customers by ensuring the utmost high-quality of ingredients and excellent service.

Stepping into Shu Da Xia Klang Valley is a step into one of Malaysia’s most memorable hotpot experiences. From food to service, Shu Da Xia ensures customers always come first from free valet parking to a heart-warming birthday celebration and Chinese gowns that customers can wear to emulate their Wu-Xia heroes.

In addition to our excellent service, Shu Da Xia’s presentation of dishes and premium ingredients won’t disappoint. Sliced Lamb & Beef Platter is a must-order dish where slices of freshly-cut meat encircle the hotpot making it perfect for sharing. Presented in the shape of a ‘yin and yang’ symbol, our juicy and bouncy Tai Chi Mashed Shrimp comes in both spicy and non-spicy variations in one dish. Shu Da Xia, known for its fresh offal dishes, recommends Hero Beef Tongue which is plated in the form of roses on ice.